Who We Are

The Grange is a fraternal order known as the Order of Patrons of Husbandry, hence the “P of H” on the organization’s logo.  Founding members determined that a fraternal organization would be best able to combine loyalty and democratic ideals to provide service to others. The National Grange was one of the first formal groups to admit women to membership on the basis of equality with men.  It remains so today.

Today’s Florissant Grange #420 operates on donations and volunteers.  The Grange provides an opportunity to serve by providing leadership for local community service projects. Examples of some projects include providing a community center and sponsoring community activities such a free Thanksgiving Dinner each year and organizing and hosting annual Easter and Christmas Parties for local children, and hosting monthly community Flea Markets and bi-yearly Craft Shows.

The Grange reaches out to all people in an effort to respond to their needs. It helps create community strength by providing a space to bring people together.  In working together, the Grange builds community and people.

The fellowship, recreation and social activities in the Grange are developed with the family in mind – children and senior citizens alike are very welcome in the Grange.  Music, art, crafts, and a whole variety of other activities are an important part of every Grange’s agenda.

Become a member:  Membership is $30 a year.  Join and reap the benefit of personal satisfaction being a part of this community minded organization.  Email nrsc61@yahoo.com for more information.


Florissant Grange #420 Meeting Dates:

All members are welcome and encouraged to attend. If you are interested in becoming a member you are also welcome to attend.

2017 Meeting dates are:


The Grange Hall is a great place for many events. If you know of someone who needs a place for a wedding, memorial service, meeting hall or ??, please let them know about our Grange Hall so that it can be utilized often. (719) 748 – 5004

Rates:  $150 for 4 hours

$175 for a full day